Change your look with spray tan

Looking to enjoy a party at friends place or getting ready to attend a formal get together, but want to give a new look to yourself in a short time? You can now opt for a completely new bronze tan look, as if you have just come from a sea and sand vacation or have enjoyed a good sun tan for a few days.

It is not difficult to get all this, that too in a very short period of time, through a new tanning solution that allows instant tanning without any side effects and unnatural look. The new tanning solution is an innovative product that gives you a bronzed tan look rather than the orange tan look offered by other products.

Things to do look before applying spray tan

One of the first things that you should see before getting your spray tan at a salon is that it has trained staff by the company to use spray tan. The spray should be evenly spread and mixed with the skin in such a manner that it gives the look of skin texture instead of a product use.

A trained expert also ensures that he uses a shade that matches with your skin color and tone, so that the end result is homogenous with your body skin.

Guidance to prepare for spray tan

One of the best things that you get by visiting the best salon of your city is that they have experts that will guide you on preparing for your skin tan. They have years of experience in the business, and understand complexities involved in going through a process and the kind of pre procedure care and post procedure care required to get best results from the process.

Less time to complete the process

Once you come prepared with all the required pre conditions to spray tan Dallas TX, expert technicians at the salon are trained well enough to complete your complete body tan in less than the time required in the lunch break.

Healthy alternative

Spray tan in Dallas TX is an alternative to sun tan that comes with dangerous side effects of UV rays. Instead, the new innovative spray tan offers the same effect from within the cool ambience of a 5-star salon.

The spray tan comes in a number of shades to match the skin tone of different people, and experts at the salon are trained to match the shade of spray tan with your skin.

Things to avoid before taking spray tan

Hereunder are a few things that you should avoid before taking a spray tan.

Avoid using products like shaving gel, lotions, creams, waxes, bar soaps, perfumes as they contain oil that may affect PH levels of your skin and consequently your spray tan results.


If you are looking to make a statement through a complete makeover of your looks, you need to visit The Styling Stewardess in Dallas. They are premium salon where you will find “Norvell” spray tan products. These products are best in their field and here, they have certified experts from Norvell who will ensure that you just fall in love with your new look.

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