2 Stunning Secret Wedding Venues in Surrey

Picking a venue for your big day may seem one of the most daunting yet exciting tasks that you will be faced with during your wedding planning process. Luckily, Surrey is home to an extensive choice of beautiful countryside venues which all possess their own unique characteristics. Whilst it may seem like a lot to process at first, you can be sure that you will find your dream location among what’s on offer. This guide takes a look at Surrey National Golf Club and the Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel. Each location offers a range of possibilities that can accommodate different budgets and allow you to make your dream wedding a reality.


If you are working with a lower budget for your wedding, Surrey National Golf Club could be the perfect location for you. Nestled within the beautiful rolling countryside of Northern Surrey, this location means that you don’t have to compromise between a beautiful location and a low price.

Alternatively, the Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel has a lot to offer if you’ve got a larger budget. This location is truly beautiful, inside and out, as its historic roots are evident within the barn conversion which features many tasteful and original architectural elements.

Outdoor space

Utilising the outdoor space that comes with a wedding venue can make for a truly memorable day, especially if you are planning a summer wedding. Luckily, both of these locations are situated within the picturesque Surrey countryside. This means that you can have the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos or any activities you decide to do outdoors.


Both locations differ in the facilities they offer. Whilst both venues possess buffet meal facilities, the Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel provides you with the additional option of in-house catering. This could prove to be a good option as receiving more services from the venue can leave you with fewer parties to coordinate with on the day. For weddings with a lower budget (or specialist catering already in-mind), sourcing catering from elsewhere can be beneficial. This can present the opportunity to reduce costs and have more funds to put towards other special aspects of your big day.


There are many music and entertainment options available if you are planning on having your wedding in Surrey. Picking the right wedding bands in Surrey couldn’t be easier as both locations offer a dance floor so guests can dance to and enjoy live music.

One of these two lesser-known, picturesque, locations within Surrey could easily be your ideal wedding location. Considering what each venue has to offer and how these features align with your plans could be the start of you planning the most magical and memorable day.

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