Your wedding decor conveys a certain expression and feeling on your special day. Therefore, your wedding style must be consistent throughout all elements to create a look that speaks to you as a couple and to your celebration. Your wedding rentals are crucial for achieving this cohesiveness because they make up a significant portion of the design on your wedding day. You’re looking at most of your wedding’s decor, including furniture, a tent, tabletop accessories, and other decor.

How can you maintain coherence such that every component of your wedding complements the others? Here are some ways your wedding rentals can make your wedding come together, from the initial invitation you send out to the last sparkler you light as you leave the reception.

What type of location do you have?

Your wedding location is a great place to begin. What comes to mind when you think of your location? Is it natural, elegant, or modern? Did you choose a location that requires extensive décor or one that is already stunning? Some locations genuinely don’t require any improvement. The beautiful architecture, stunning gardens, or fantastic art that is already present may be all the inspiration you need to finish the project.

The presence of specific colors in your venue that complement or contrast with other colors is another question. For instance, if your location has a large red wall, you should reconsider your color choice of green unless your wedding occurs during the Christmas season. Setting the scene will begin by utilizing your venue’s space, colors, and personal preferences.

What is your wedding style?

Giving your wedding design aesthetic a name can frequently help you visualize your big day more clearly and help you decide what will complement your design aesthetic and what won’t. Understanding your wedding design aesthetic will also make everything look lovely and coordinated, from the wedding website to the table decorations to the thank-you presents. Every choice, including rentals, should complement the overall design aesthetic. What kind of wedding décor do you prefer? Do you like rustic chic or classic modern design? Country homey or ballroom glam? These are some of the questions to help you decide.

Stay true to your color scheme across the board.

Utilizing color is one of the best methods to maintain cohesion in your wedding décor. Although your design concept may include a variety of colors, you probably want to focus on one or two in particular. Most rentals you make should be in these colors or complimentary neutral colors. It is advisable to skirt your AV carts to ensure everything is cohesive.

Final thoughts

Even though it might seem difficult initially, practically everyone can pull off a coordinated appearance on their wedding day. All you have to do is choose what suits you, your partner, and your wedding out of the many available web resources and will work with practically any budget. Your wedding will be perfect as long as you don’t waver.

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