5 tips for an original marriage proposal during the lockdown

The ring was bought and the trip or the restaurant was booked but look there is corona again to mess up all our plans. We list 10 tips for an original marriage proposal during the lockdown. The end of the year and Christmas in particular have always been an ideal time for a marriage proposal, and we hope that this tradition will continue during the quarantine. Read on if you:

  • planned to propose to your friend,
  • have difficulty adapting previously made plans to the quarantine restrictions,
  • still want to put on an unforgettable marriage proposal.

Not all marriage proposals have to be big and far from home. If your question comes from the heart. Take it from us, that’s all that really matters to your fiancé-to-be. And maybe a sparkling diamond from Tiffany’s? 🙂 Be sure to send this article to your partner to give him/her that little boost.

  1. In the backyard

No matter how big or small, turn your backyard or patio into a fairytale place. All you need are a few twinkling lights, a set of warm blankets and pillows, some candles, and the crackling fire of a fire pit. And then it’s waiting for sunset. Once the proposal is over, you can gaze at the stars together.

  1. Picnic at sunset

Find a local park, lake, or forest with beautiful scenery. It is helpful if there is a gazebo or bench nearby to plop down. Find a picnic basket – luckily the shops in Belgium are open again! -, pack your favorite snacks and drinks – and even take the dog with you to enjoy this unforgettable evening. Make your proposal just before sunset for an unforgettable moment.

  1. Home makeover

What is your love captivated by? Does he/she have a favorite holiday destination? A favorite movie or a restaurant you always enjoyed together? Choose a theme and completely transform a room in your house. Make sure the decor, food and clothing are completely in line with that theme. Also take care of the musical support and download online tunes that fit the theme. Lots of fun guaranteed if your sweetheart is a Disney fanatic.

Do you already have a family? Involve the whole family in the proposal. The presence of the kids or a live-in grandparent is ideal for being a deputy videographer and photographer.

  1. Board game evening

This is a great way to surprise your partner and you can use any game for it: from a simple card game to Twister, and everything in between. Write “Will you marry me?” on a card he/she draws. The possibilities are endless, and the preparation is quick and simple.

  1. Spa At-home

Now that spas are closed, treat your loved one to an in-home spa. Make it a real wellness journey: a relaxing bath with sea salt and flower petals. A ginger tea with lemon and a healthy snack and finally a relaxing massage with essential oils. While your partner is given half an hour to relax, you prepare lunch or dinner and don’t forget to ask the question.

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