Different Wedding Packages Designed to Suit Your Needs

When you are planning to hold your wedding ceremony, there are many things to consider and prepare before the big day. Some of these include the venue, cost, styling, number of guests and much more. All of these considerations take time to plan and implement. To make sure that you have an easy time planning for your wedding in Bali, check out the following packages.

Private Cliff Wedding

This package delivers a VIP experience to people who need to tie the knot. You will be treated to a stunning clifftop venue that is distinct, strategically set on a 5-star luxury resort. The well-groomed resort faces a golf course that provides privacy guarantee during your wedding day. The picturesque clifftop plays host to the event. While here, you and your guests will have a clear view of the Indian Ocean as well as the spectacular scenes of the setting sun. Sunset moments in Bali are breathtaking. After the ceremony, there is an excellent setup for a romantic dinner. The dinner is served just a few meters away from the cliff.

Furthermore, to make the wonderful event even more spectacular, you can choose to land at the venue in style. This is by a helicopter that touches down close to the altar. This would, in turn, become one of the memorable occasions in your life.

Infinity Jungle Weddings

For those who have never visited Bali, you would believe it when you are told you are missing so much. Talk of a hidden magical paradise in the rural villages of Sebali and Ubud. Just like a tiny piece of heaven hidden in Bali, the resort lies next to a river where visitors can have endless views of the ever-green jungle. This resort offers a unique blend of luxury and the natural beauty of the infinity jungle. It contains two pool villas, 16 deluxe suites, a luxury spa, and two deluxe family rooms.

This particular resort was created with Bali’s rich culture in mind. It provides the perfect location for hosting romantic events including weddings and honeymoons. You will also be able to find infinity pool with breathtaking valley views, which also has a permanent platform that can be vital in hosting wedding events. You can choose to have a maximum of thirty guests to enjoy this little paradise or keep it between you and your partner.

Ocean Hill Weddings

Ocean hill weddings are usually conducted at Bukit Asah. In Indonesian dialect, Bukit refers to a hill; hence these grass-covered cliffs are great for sharing your vows with your beloved partner. These his provide great views such as the beautiful Indian Ocean, emerald green hills, and the Karangasem cliffs. These stunning backdrops are perfect for capturing the real beauty of the bride.

Additionally, there are an array of cafés and restaurants in the area serving the most tantalizing cuisines. Bukit Asah has a secret Virgin Beach towards the bottom of the cliffs that oozes love and romance. It is tranquil and far away from major tourist sites, something that gives it a significant advantage.

These are all-inclusive packages, with photographer and make up already added
. The services are western managed, so it’s mean that brides will get world-class service
. There is a large in-house team to handle all the events on the wedding day too.

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