Five Mistakes to be avoided while choosing Barn Venue

Rustic themed weddings have been in huge demand for quite a while now, and it seems that the trend is not going to fade away anytime soon. With a surge in the barn weddings, there is an increase in the number of barn wedding venues across the country.

With an increasing number of barn wedding venues Minneapolis, couples now get more options to choose from. Unfortunately, they also face a few problems that they could never anticipate in the first place. Here, you can find five of the most common mistakes that couples could make when they look for a rustic barn wedding venue.

  1. Choosing an illegal Barn

The most disturbing mistake that couples could make while selecting a wedding barn is choosing a barn that is illegal and is being operated against local land use laws. To avoid this issue, you should verify if the barn is operating as per the land use laws. The barn should meet the following requirements:

  • Should be located on a bona fide commercial farm
  • Should be located on an agricultural zoned land.
  • Should have Agricultural tax exemption
  1. Disturbing Surroundings

One of the reasons for selecting a barn wedding venue is that you will be away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Many of the barns are located near the busy highways, train tracks, and other noisy places. You need to pay attention to the surroundings to avoid any disruption during your big event.

  1. No air conditioning system

Barns might look charming and elegant in the photos, but in the real sense, if there is no heating or air conditioning system in the barn, you might have a serious problem during the wedding. When your guests gather in a covered enclosure with their shares of drink and dance, they definitely need an air conditioning system to lower down the heat.

  1. Choosing a Rainy day for the wedding

No one can accurately predict or control the weather. But, you can plan accordingly to avoid the weather spoiling the big day. When choosing a barn, see to that it answers positively to the questions like Are there special arrangements on rainy days? Do they have big tents to be put up in case of rain? If they are planning to put up a tent and closing the sides, how will they keep the air cool inside?

  1. Separate space for getting ready

Barn wedding venues mostly don’t offer amenities and accommodations like the hotels and banquet halls. Most of them do not even have any arrangements for private space for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready. Check if the barn venue offers separate private spaces for the bride and the groom.

Choosing the best barn wedding venues Minneapolis is the most important thing for a successful and wonderful barn wedding event. Now that you know the most common mistakes couples make while choosing the venue, start looking for the local barns keeping these in mind.

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