Having Flower Girls at Your Wedding? These Questions Will Help You

Your wedding is around the corner, and you are all excited about looking pretty on this big day. From the ideas you have gathered from other weddings, you probably know the bridesmaids. However, you might need a little help on what your flower girls need. If you have flower girls at the wedding, we have shared several tips to help you out. Check them out.

Who Pays for the Dresses?

Normally, the parents pay for the flower girl dresses. Be courteous enough and offer them several options to choose from but make sure their choices are uniform. If they are paying for the dresses, let them choose what the girls will wear, but the choice should not be too far from the wedding’s theme. On the other hand, if you have specific dresses that the girls must wear at all costs, it will be best to pay for them. You can also choose to pay for all the dresses if the cost fits your financial plan.

Do You Need the Girls at the Preparation Party?

The bride and the bridegroom can choose whether or not to have the flower girl at the rehearsal party. If she has to be there, ensure she leaves early to have enough rest. It will also be polite to invite the flower girl to the rehearsal if you have a destination wedding. She and her parents have traveled all the way not only to attend the wedding but also to be part of it. So, if the parents will be at the party, the girl should be there too.

What Wedding Events Should the Flower Girls Attend?

The flower girls can come to the bridal shower to spend time with the bridesmaids. Keep them happy and excited by giving them simple tasks at the party. If you are having a bachelorette party at night, it may not be an event for the little girls. It will be nice to ask the little ones to be part of your wedding. It will make them feel special before the day comes.

Where Will the Flower Girls Sit During the Ceremony?

This choice will depend on the age of the girl. For younger girls, let them sit together with their parents and other guests rather than standing with the bridesmaids. However, the older girls can stand with them after walking down the aisle. In short, this choice relies on you.

Do You Need to Get Gifts for the Flower Girls?

Regardless of the money you spent on the girls, it will be great to buy them gifts at the wedding to thank them for gracing your wedding with their cuteness and being part of the celebration. Buy small gifts if you can afford them, and make sure they are age-appropriate. They will remember you and this day for the rest of their lives.


These are things to help you prepare your flower girls for the big day. Obviously, they are all excited and eagerly waiting for the wedding. So, make it memorable and prepare them well.

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