How to choose a wedding suit for the groom?

This issue should be taken seriously because the bride and groom are the prominent persons at the celebration and attract the attention of all guests. No less effort is needed to select the groom’s suit and a shirt, tie (or bow tie), cufflinks, and shoes.

Many men imagine a purchase as a trip to the nearest shopping center and plan to spend no more than 20 minutes searching for a suitable option. However, this position is wrong. There are many secrets to choosing a suit for a wedding, which we will discuss in this article. And yes, knowing them, you spend no more than 20 minutes on a purchase.

Rules for choosing the style of the groom’s suit for the wedding

Various styles distinguish modern weddings, so the suit for the groom can be absolutely anything. How to choose the perfect wedding suit? Just stick to the following guidelines:

Themed wedding

If it is planned to hold a themed wedding, then the groom’s suit should correspond to the general concept of the celebration. For example, for a Provence-style wedding, you can wear a pastel-colored shirt, a colored bow tie, suspenders, and light-colored skinny trousers to look elegant but French casual.

A rustic wedding involves a casual romantic look: moccasins, vest, suspenders, hat. It is worth noting that regardless of the style of the wedding, the groom can wear a classic elegant suit. We will talk about this further.

Solemn wedding

At a solemn wedding, the groom should look appropriate. You can wear a tuxedo, a tailcoat, a classic suit with a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, or a three-piece suit. If a grand event is planned, it is best to choose a tuxedo or tailcoat.

When choosing a tuxedo, it is essential to follow specific rules. Firstly, it is not worn in the morning or afternoon. It is an element of evening dress. Secondly, it is best to choose a black or navy tuxedo, a white shirt with a stand-up collar, and a bow tie for a wedding. Tuxedo trousers are not worn with a belt but with a belt or suspenders.

It is also worth picking up cufflinks for a shirt and carefully placing a white handkerchief in the breast pocket. Tuxedo shoes must be matte leather. Classic oxfords will be the ideal model.

A tailcoat is a men’s suit for significant festive events. When choosing it, you should be guided by the same rules as to when choosing a tuxedo, only a white bow tie is needed, and a white vest must also be present.

Family celebration

If you are planning a wedding in the family circle, you can opt for a classic men’s suit, consisting of trousers and a jacket. You can give a festive look with the help of accessories.

No matter what suit you choose for your wedding, it must fit perfectly. The bride and groom will be in the spotlight. In addition, the wedding involves photo and video shooting. If you are sewing a suit to order, ask the tailor to consider all the nuances. If the suit is selected in a bridal salon, make a fit in the atelier.

Why are suits worn at Catholic weddings?

The Catholic Church rules determine the choice of attire. If the wedding is held immediately after registration, the newlyweds come to the Catholic church in the same clothes.

It is enough for the Catholic groom to be in a suit or trousers and a shirt of a classic cut and not defiant colors. The newlyweds are free to choose their style and silhouette.

The right choice of color and material for a men’s suit for a Catholic wedding.

How to choose the color of a suit for a wedding?

Previously, there was an unspoken rule: for a wedding held in the autumn-winter period, the groom wore a suit in dark colors and spring-summer in light colors. Now no one remembers this tradition. When choosing a suit, modern grooms are guided only by personal preferences and the style in which you will decorate the planned celebration.

Don’t limit yourself to formalities. Choose the color of the suit to your taste. Ensure that the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress are combined. For example, if the groom prefers a blue outfit, it is necessary that the bride also has this shade in her outfit, for instance, in accessories. The groom’s shirt and the bride’s dress in the same color will look harmonious.

Modern wedding salons offer men’s suits of absolutely any color: grey, brown, blue, purple, red, beige, etc. Yellow, green, blue, and other bright men’s outfits look unusual.

Black suit

How to choose a wedding suit for a witness? A traditional black men’s suit paired with a white shirt is a classic that never goes out of style. This outfit is slimming and looks festive.

Light suit

Men’s suits in light colors look elegant. Grey, beige, light brown. You can choose an outfit for every taste. A light-colored suit will allow the groom to look stylish and match the image of the bride and the wedding decorations in terms of color.

White suit

A white men’s suit looks especially elegant; it is perfect for a luxurious wedding celebration. It would be best if you combined a white suit with a white shirt and vest and a white satin tie. If you don’t want a total white look, it’s OK to wear a blue shirt and blue tie.

Blue suit

This shade is suitable for an event in any style. An excellent combination would be a blue suit with a white vest and shirt. This color visually slims, like dark brown, suitable for obese men.

One of the best materials for a men’s suit is natural wool. It may contain various additives, depending on the season. It is better to prefer a suit containing cashmere in winter and summer – silk or cotton. Choose an outfit with minimal linen, as this material wrinkles very quickly and looks untidy. You must mix the suit with elastane or polyester. These synthetic materials allow the fabric to hold its shape.

Summer men’s suits are sewn from special fine wool cool wool. The lining is usually viscose, but other options are possible, such as acetate or polyester.

Where does the selection of a suit for the groom’s wedding begin?

For corpulent gentlemen, it is best to opt for plain dark suits or pinstripe suits. Pants should be of a classic cut with arrows. It is unacceptable to wear fitted jackets.

For thin men, it is better to give preference to skinny trousers and a straight single-breasted jacket. Instead of a classic tie, it is better to wear a bow tie.

According to the rules of etiquette, the bottom button of the jacket does not need to be fastened. Walking in an open jacket is also considered indecent if there is no vest under it. The jacket can be unbuttoned when you sit down and fasten when you get up.

Common mistakes when choosing a suit for a wedding

The vest should always be longer than the shirt. A short vest looks stubby and spoils the whole image of the groom. Its length should be up to the trousers.

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