How to Plan an Indian Wedding in Mid-Pandemic

The pandemic of COVID-19 is causing distress for new couples who want to organize their weddings now. They need to follow certain guidelines set by the government to curb the spread of this infection.

DIY Wedding Planning

Now, it is difficult to hire a wedding planner during this pandemic situation. So, the new couples need to do all the wedding planning only with their family members. They can seek tips from their recently married friends about the wedding preparations.

Be Flexible

Many young couples want to hold a destination wedding, which is not possible at this time. They should be flexible in executing their dreams regarding the wedding, as many things are not allowed at this time. They need to cut short their guest list and wedding feast menu, quite in contrast to their original plans.

Budget Accordingly

The budget set for the wedding should be now much lesser compared to lavish weddings. As the guest list is shorter, the budget set for entertaining them should be more limited. Moreover, weddings are preferred to be organized at home, instead of booking banquet halls at a high price.

Smaller Guest Count

Now, all the Indian state governments have imposed restrictions on the maximum number of wedding guests that can be invited to attend a wedding ceremony. Therefore, a new couple should abide by these rules and invite only their closest friends or relatives to their wedding.

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Choose Smaller Venues

Since there will be a limited number of wedding guests, there is no need to have a large wedding venue to accommodate them. Hence, it is best to organize the wedding at home or a small-sized venue close to their homes during this pandemic condition.

Digital Invites

New couples need to invite their limited number of guests only via online platforms now, like social media sites and Whatsapp. There are renowned wedding card makers for creating beautiful digital wedding invitations and people can buy customized invitations from them.

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Socially-Distanced Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements of all wedding guests should be done according to the present COVID rules. Thus, there should be a certain distance between every two seats, to keep all guests safely away from each other.

Plated meals instead of a buffet

Now, wedding guests should be entertained with plated meals so that they can stay in their seats and enjoy the wedding feast. In a buffet dinner, they would need to flock together around the serving tables, which is not desirable at this time.

Tell everyone the rules

All the wedding guests should be prior informed about the present COVID-related rules that should be followed for their own safety. These rules can be mentioned on the wedding invitations, to make them aware of these vital rules.

Set up hygiene stations

  • Provide hand sanitizer – Each wedding guest should be provided with hand sanitizer sprayed thoroughly on his/her hands, as soon he/she enters the wedding venue.
  • Face masks for all your guests – It is mandatory for all guests to wear masks, to avoid Coronavirus infection. If anyone is not wearing a mask, he/she should be provided a sanitized mask immediately.
  • Temperature checks – The body temperature of each guest should be measured with a contactless infrared thermometer, to check whether he/she has a fever or not.

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All these above-mentioned steps can help a new couple to be wedded joyfully even during this pandemic period.

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