Fine Opportunities for the Proper Civil Marriage

Under laws, marriage is a voluntary, equal-right union of a man and a woman who have reached majority and registered their relations with civil registration bodies (in the registry office) which is a “civil marriage”. To call the relationship in which a couple simply lives together is de jure wrong. Civil means secular, fixed by state, and not religious bodies. Recently, the civil marriage before a wedding officiant (“mariage civil célébrant” in French language)has become popular with some advantages.

To go through the procedure of state registration of marriage, you need:

  • To be adults. The total marriageable age is 18 years, in exceptional cases – 16, and in a number of regions – 14.
  • Show mutual consent and apply.
  • The stamp in the passport will not be delivered if the bride or groom is in another registered marriage, are close relatives or recognized as incompetent by the court.

How many days before the wedding need to apply to the registry office?

It depends on the country, State or the province you live in. for example, according to the Family Code of the Russian Federation, the marriage is made one month after the filing of the corresponding application. Thirty days are given to once again weigh everything and create a family consciously. According to the law, the Registry Office can increase this period, but not more than a month.

In practice, because of the queues for solemn and visiting ceremonies, couples are forced to book the required dates a few months before the wedding. Please note: book. The statement itself is still written exactly in 30 days. In other words, if you are principled with a beautiful date, the registrar will have to visit many times.

In what cases is it not necessary to wait a month?

Reduce the time for reflection and even paint a couple on the same day can, if there are valid reasons. For example:

  • The bride is pregnant or a joint child has already been born.
  • The life of the bride or groom is under threat from illness.
  • The groom goes to the army.
  • The bride or groom leaves for a long business trip.

Any of these circumstances must be documented. So, the fact of pregnancy is certified by a certificate from the women’s consultation with seals, signatures and the terms of delivery. If you do not give birth soon, the registry office is unlikely to meet: you have to wait 30 days.

In which registry office to apply?

The rule on filing an application for the registration of a future spouse has been canceled.Now you can apply to any department of the registry office (and even several) of any city, regardless of the place of permanent or temporary registration. An exception is marriage with a foreigner. Such unions do not register all registrars. If the employees of the registry office of someone else’s city or district refuse to accept the application, ask them to issue a refusal in writing specifying the reason. Then you can easily appeal it.

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