Tips for choosing a perfect wedding menu

All Indian weddings have rituals, celebrations and most importantly the food. With a perfect wedding it is also important to serve excellent food. As it goes on for several days, it is important to serve different food items to the guests.

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The wedding menu is the most talked about by the guests. The starters, drinks, main meal  and desserts all should be good and delicious. These are the tips for serving the best menu for your wedding:

  • To begin,  first checkout the latest food trends. Some of the trends are food on wheels, food trucks and more. You can serve chats, kebabs and more through them. You should even check out the international dishes.
  • Find out what type of food your guest will prefer, veg, non-veg or traditional. You should decide the type of cuisine you want to serve like Gujrati, Punjabi, South Indian and more. If you are going healthy then you can add some healthy items. You can make a perfect combination of the cuisines with the popular foods.

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  • You can select the menu based on the season you marry. You can add seasonal delights to make your menu more interesting. If you are marrying in summer then you can add  mango desserts, enough drinks  and more. For a winter wedding you can go for halwa and other winter desserts.
  • You can select your venue based on the food you can serve at your wedding. You can find the top caterers and check if they will serve at your venus. Or you can select the wedding menu from what is available at the venue.
  • You can enquire what menu is served by the caterers or the venue. Ask them about their popular food, check if you can add new dishes, what special dish they offer for the season and any specialities that they serve.
  • You can go food tasting for the wedding menu items before placing the order. You will be able to understand how the food looks, tastes and how it is presented. You can then order the food that you like the best. You should keep in mind the choice of the guests.
  • There are certain foods that are the wedding favourites. You should include these food items in your wedding menu. You can serve popular food of the city or the area you are marrying.
  • For the different types of events you will have to serve different types of food. Like for breakfast you can serve simple food items. For lunch you can serve a complete meal. For dinner serve a mix of cuisines with desserts.
  • There are some desserts that are served at every wedding like ice cream, gulab jamuns, kulfi, jalebi, fire paan and more. You should not drop out these items from your menu.

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The wedding traditions differ from state to state and the food that is served with it also differs. Depending on the state you are marrying in you can decide the wedding menu. Though each state will have their regional food, must-have food for weddings and delicious desserts.

Some of the food are favourite food and can be served at any wedding.

With a grand wedding it is also important to have great wedding invitations. You can try our video wedding invitations which can be easily shared with any number of guests. You can even customise them with your photos and wordings. The invitations are paperless and require no packing. They are easy to make and send.

Weddings are a great affair and you should make it perfect by serving the right food to your guests. If you take time and plan right you will have the best wedding menu.

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