Reasons Why Indian Weddings Are Unique

Have you seen an authentic Indian wedding? If not, you should. This is a totally different celebration and it is spectacular from the start to the end. In many cases, the weddings can go on for days. If you are planning an Indian wedding, it can be a lot of pressure. You have a lot of details to take into consideration.

Number of attendees

It is common to see over 300 people attending an Indian wedding. It is a really large event that takes months or even years of preparation. People will also feel bad if they are not invited to the wedding. It does not matter how close they are with the couple. As long as they are somewhat related, they have to be invited.

Quality of gifts

It is common for couples to receive gifts during a wedding. However, for Indian weddings, everything is grand. Gifts are usually in the form of jewellery. Others can even give something as fancy as a car. Although material gifts are amazing, Indian weddings are a celebration of love, independence and life. These are the biggest gifts couples receive.

Decorations are lavish

It won’t be an Indian wedding if the Indian aspect of it is not be recognised. The decorations are usually drop dead gorgeous. The colours and the overall themes are also well-prepared. Indian culture is really rich and there are a lot of references to choose from in terms of decorations.

Number of days

Some Indian weddings can last for 3 days while others end up extending to 4. The point is that an Indian wedding happens for days. It is a huge celebration. Food and drinks should last the guests these number of days.

Change outfits

It is really common to see both men and women change outfits depending on the part of the wedding. Sometimes, casual outfits can be worn. In other cases, more traditional Indian attire is required. There is even a tradition where the couples are not supposed to wear makeup at all and come out in their truest natural beauty.

The venue is essential

Given the fact that Indian weddings are lavish and grand, organising them is a huge task. Finding suitable Indian wedding venues must be a priority. The venue should be able to accommodate a lot of people. The area should allow decorations. It is also important that they allow catering services from other sources given the restrictions in terms of Indian diet.

There are a lot of Indian weddings around London. You need to make reservations ahead of time or else you might be forced to settle for a venue you won’t like. It can be fulfilling though if you manage to go through the entire organising process successfully.


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