Some fantastic and informative tips to help your wedding photographer capture those perfect moments

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion and one that you want to be perfect. Reputable wedding photographers are highly skilled at what they do, and they will guide you throughout the entire day to capture the most stunning photos. However, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that no moment goes unmissed.

Think of the spaces where your wedding photos will be taken.

Ensure there are ample opportunities to take beautiful photos when choosing where you will get ready, the ceremony and reception. This can be anything from grass that is framed with bushland to rooms filled with natural light. If your ceremony and location don’t have much on offer there are only so many photos you can take.

Make sure everyone knows where they need to be on the day.

This is where a wedding rehearsal comes in handy. Your rehearsal is the perfect time to notify everyone of exactly where they should be on the actual day, so there is no reorganising people or awkwardness. Doing this helps the photographer to take more balanced and professional shots with minimal editing. Make sure you and your partner are centred directly in the middle of the aisle. Consider inviting your photographer on your rehearsal day, if they have never photographed at the venue before, they may want to scope out the place to find the best spots for photos. If they decline, don’t take this personally, many have busy schedules and they may be across the location as they’ve photographed there before.

Let your photographer know if there are any particular moments you want to be captured.

Wedding photographers are very good at capturing emotional and candid moments, so they don’t need to be directed on this, however, if there are some things you want to make sure the photographer doesn’t miss on the day, be sure to let them know.

Let your photographer guide you on the day.

You didn’t hire your photographer without careful consideration, right? You’ve seen plenty of their work and you know they are good at what they do? Well, trust them when they are directing you or asking you to move location, it is likely they are doing so for good reason. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for.

Relax and forget the photographer is there.

To get the rawest and most natural photos that don’t look stiff and awkward, try to relax and just be in the moment with your significant other. Try not to pose and enjoy yourself. The day will go by so quickly and you don’t want to spend it feeling uptight and uncomfortable.

Consider an unplugged ceremony.

An unplugged wedding is asking your guests to turn off their devices while at your wedding. This not only prevents interruptions from phones ringing, but photographers know all too well how excited people get at weddings (and rightfully so), however, the number of photos that get ruined from guests holding up their phone or camera to take photos is frustrating. While photographers understand that family and friends want to get nice photos from the day, so do they and it’s not uncommon for guests to get in the way or block the camera when they are trying to do their job.

Allow time extra time early on in the day.

If your ceremony and reception are at one location, its smart to have your photographer come an hour earlier instead of only allowing 15- 30 minutes to take photos before the ceremony. Sometimes it can be difficult for the photographer to capture the details of your reception, ceremony and guests arriving as they are normally with you and your partner taking photos of the both of you getting ready. By the time this is done, the photographer may be cutting it fine to take photos of anything else.

Communicate is key

Understandably most place high importance on their wedding day, and you want your photos to reflect that. Make sure you have honest conversations with your photographer and explain to them what you would like from your wedding day photography before the big event. This communication should continue after the wedding too. If there is anything you are not happy with or something you’d like to alter slightly, be sure to tell them, most are happy to work with you to give you the wedding photos you have always dreamed of.

Keep family and group photos short

No one will be more pumped about you getting married than your family, and in the excitement, they can take up quite a bit of time taking photos with you and all the relatives. Your photographer will take photos after your ceremony of you with your guests in a group shot and any other photos you would like with your family and friends. Once the group shot is done, your guests should move on to the next part of the wedding. The fewer people that are there, the easier it is for your photographer to take the photos and move on to the couple pictures.

If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed photography team that can help make your wedding photos run smoothly with minimal effort on your part, contact our team here at Florido Wedding Photography. We’d love to capture your magical day.

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