The One and Only Wedding Day Video Cheat Sheet

Indeed, one of the most difficult duties at someone’s wedding is the task of having to make the perfect video or photographs of the bride and groom on their special day! Naturally, a professional in using a camera, will already have the experiencefrom previous weddings and eventsto draw from, however there can still be things which can go wrong.

  • And who out there wishes to have any mistakes made when it comes to the most important day in the lives of two devoted people?
  • Knowing what to expect will make everything go that much more perfect

So, let’s have a look at what we can put on a useful ‘cheat sheet’ to assure that the experts in Sydney wedding photography and video making, will get the job done perfectly and that much easier.

Three Things to Get You Started

  1. Whatever the weather happens to beon that day
  2. The location, which may or may not be of your choosing
  3. Making sure to have a reallypositive and fun state of mind

Regarding the Photographer/Videographer

  • Afterhavingbookedyour venue, consult with a professional one as soon as possible and make a booking.
  • The better one’s may already be heavily booked, but don’t let that stop you trying.
  • Select which type of photography you wish for, such as formal, informal or plain casual.
  • Try avoiding any trend or fashion at the moment of photography, because, in a couple of years’ time, it will look tacky and dated.

Timing is Vital

  • Add extra time to youritinerary, as this will help to cover any kind of issues like being stuck in a traffic jam, or something similar.
  • Check in advance that no event is happening nearby where the wedding and photo shoot will be going on.
  • Take a break sometimes so you can chill out with some snacks and drinks. (But save on the booze until later on!)

The Perfect Place 

  • Tryto stay clear of the full sun. Pictures or videos of sweat stained clothes, squinting, and red from sunburn will not make for great viewing!
  • Make note of alternative location, in case of any bad weather.
  • Make sure to do the shoot at a place you both really adore, but not that far away!

Act Naturally and Look Great!

  • No need to walk around with grins on your faces all the time! There’s going to be plenty of video and photosbeing taken on that day, so just beyourself.
  • And don’t tryhiding one side of your face due to a spot or whatever, that can alldealt with later on during processing.
  • Try doing a trial run, so it will be perfect on your special day.

In Addition

Have a chat with the photographer and videographer and tell them exactly what you’re thinking of and even what ideas they can come up with to make it even better!

That should ensure that everything will go just fine! Good luck!

When it comes to hiring a wedding videographer, you would come across numerous aspects to consider. The foremost aspect on your mind would be that of videographer pricing. It would be imperative for you to look for a suitable wedding videographer that does not burn a significant hole in your pocket without compromising the quality of wedding films.

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